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Jeddah-Saudi Arabia/ Tokyo-Japan

اليابان - طوكيو/ جدة - المملكة العربية السعودية

سياسة المتجر

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About Hikari

Hikari Japan International (est.2016) is a company works from Japan in E-commerce, retail distribution and market research of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.


HJI created an EC-site (Hikari Kawaii Store) targeting Saudi Arabian consumer and Japan lovers around the middle east.


Our goal is to share and distribute Japanese culture (Kawaii Fashion, Cool Japan, Anime goods, Manga art)


We are looking to grow our family and to cooperate with other creators and brand owners around Japan


Our main consumers are from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. 

We are selling Japanese snacks, Manga, Language books, Japanese traditional clothing and a lot of unique kawaii items.




Comic-con KSA 2017-2018
COD  13 cities in KSA
Kayan Batal
item sold
Shipping worldwide


Tokyo Direct

Hanabi Studio


Meet the Founder

Fatema Abdullah




Tokyo based entrepreneur and a photographer were born in Jeddah. Fatema's passion for Japanese culture made her choose to move to Tokyo 2012 where she gained her master degree in Biotechnology.

When Fatema's graduated 2016 she decided to bring her passion to the life by establishing an EC-site sharing the culture she loves by Hikari Kawaii store.

www.fatema.me (fa.amr@outlook.com)